January 26, 2014


Hello blog!

Are you curious to know what was our 2014 really first meal? It was Tiramisù!! It is one of the best dessert I have ever tasted and it is one of our favorites. Luckily I learnt how to make it and today I am here to share my secrets *coff coff*. Well, to tell the truth there are no secrets behind this baby, I guess you just need to make it a couple of times to find "your way".
So, here we go.

2.5 dl espresso
1/2 dl marsala / milk
5 eggs
1 dl sugar
500 gr mascarpone cheese
200 gr Savoiardi ladyfingers
cacao powder

Do the espresso, add the marsala (I use milk in stead of marsala, it works very well for kids) and let it cool down. Divide egg yolks from whites.
Add sugar to the egg yolks and mix until smooth. Add mascarpone cheese and mix. Beat the egg whites until they become a nice and stiff. Add slowly the mascarpone mixture (this should be done by hand and very slowly so that it doesn't become too watery).
Assemble the tiramisù soaking the savoiardi in the espresso and put it in a dish forming the first layer. On top you put the mascarpone mixture layer, followed by an other layer of savoiardi and so on. When you reach the edge of the dish you dust the cacao powder. Let it cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
Enjoy! :)

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