January 5, 2014

Hello handsome rug!

Hello blog!

We are finally home!!! Oh, I was literally waiting to type this sentence for the past couple of days. It has been an intense December, we had a lot of fun meeting family and friends, but we are also happy to be back to our home sweet home.

The 2014 did not even start yet that we have a little update for our livingroom (which is also the room where we spend most of our time, watching movies, playing with the Miss and so on). So we went from this look...

...to this one:

Let me tell you the story shortly. One of our final stop-over was at my in-laws' place and just before leaving we though of giving a look at their storage house. They have a lot of things that are not used anymore and now and then we go there to check if there is something that was forgotten there and could fit in our house. They actually have a pretty large collection of old rugs and went to check if we could find a better choice for our livingroom (the Ikea EGEBY rug was way too small for the space and also the color started to bother somehow). We did not have a clear vision of what kind of rug we were looking for, but EGEBY had to go. 
In theory I liked the idea of a neutral rug, you know, to keep the room warm and cozy, sincw all the bigger piece of furniture are grey and white. But in practice things were not working, as our friend EGEBY proved. In my in-laws storage house we went through few rugs and this one caught J's attention, he went for it immediately! Honestly I was a bit doubtfull as a a black and white mat could have pushed our grey/white color palette too far. In my mind I still liked the idea of a neutral color rug and go again for black and white big piece of furniture would have turned our livingroom in a black and white movie. But I trusted him and I am very happy I did!!

The rug is in perfect balance with the other colors (greys in the walls and sofa, whites of the coffee table, tv stand, shelves and harmchair). It is not too dark, neither too light and I absolutely love the texture it has. And even if I am obsessed with strips I did not think I could enjoy them so much on a rug (I am not a big fan of striped rugs). Ohh, I think we could have not purchaised a better rug even if we visited all the shops in town. And the thing that it was 100% free makes me even more excited!

Oh, the 2014 has started definitely in the right direction! :)

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