January 9, 2014

Easy Chicken Sandwich

Hello blog!

Today I want to share with you a way we make our chicken sandwiches. It is hardly a recipe, so I will not write measurements, "as much as you like" technique is the way to go.

Easy chicken sandwich

Chicken in pieces
Fresh salad
Red bell pepper
Light mayonnaise
Whole weat bead

Cook the chichen in a pan and season as you like. Cut in small pieces the red bell pepper. Mix in a bowl the chicken with the red bell pepper, add the light mayo and continue mixing. Place the mixture on a slice of bread, add the salad and top with the other slice of bread. Cut the sandwiches in triangles. 
The reason why I like this recipe is that is so easy and you can add any other ingredient you like (for example cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese), this is the very basic version and you can have endless variants.

Bon Appetite!

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