November 17, 2013

Welcome home paiting!

Hello blog,

It arrived!!! Who? Him!!

All the way from Danmark! It was so exciting to see the big empty space filled with a lovely picture. At the end we went for a black and white shot of rain (in the picture is seems it has creamy undertones because of the light). I loev the bokeh effect and the water drops. It really fit in our room.

Having the picture on the wall, it made clear most of the thigns from the shelves had to go. There was way too many colors going on and so much incontinency. And the beach unfinished paiting that sat on the bottom self really started to annoy me (for example in these pictures). So this morning, as I woke up... I decided it was time for a face lift. So I took this "goodbye" shot and started the work.

I went for an abstract beige/cream tones and tiny hints of grey. I can say now it works so much better, the painting is much calmer and gives the room a warm vibe, plus it doesn't scream for attention as the blue sky/sea. Other than the paiting, I decided to move other things around as well. I took the Miss portrait down (now it is waiting in our office to be relocated) and the other things that were not working. And soon I ended up with this result:

I think now the shelves are a bit overloaded with beige tones (that are not balanced in the rest of the room) and this is not the definitive version (I believe things will rotate and there won't be a permanent look anyway), but it is much better than what I started with.
The plans now are to keep few of the beige elements and add glass, white and silver details. 

So, what do you think?


  1. Ooooh I like that! The colors are all so calming :)

  2. I love your blog! :) Im so glad I found it.

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