November 10, 2013

Let it be light!!

Hello blog!

As already mentioned here, finally (and I mean FINALLY) we purchased the light for the liingroom. So we went from this yuhh thing: this:

And let's be honest. These pictures don't do justice at all to this baby. :) 
But let's tell all the story shortly. It was ages we were looking for a lamp in this room, but since J. and I had so different ideas everytime we ended up walking out of the store empty handed.
But this week we were determined to finally purchase a lamp, no matter what!! Not even a zombie apocalips could have stopped us! This time we decided to keep our minds open and go for very generic paramethers (like simply "it needs to shine"). When we got to the store it was love at first sight!
The shade looks like a mirror, so it shines a lot and when the lamp is on, it reflects so much light you almost need sunglasses. :) And I absolutely love the glass detail! It makes it look saphisticated. I think we could not have gone for a better lamp in a milion years!
Only this little change made a huge impact to the room, it already looks a bit more finished! :)
Who wants to make the happy dance with me?!


  1. I am so in love with your new light!! You made a great choice!

  2. I've been following along but it's been hard to leave comments - new puppy in the house! :)
    LOVE all the things you've been doing and this lamp looks perfect!