July 8, 2014

Patio reveal

Hello blog!
It has been a while. How are you?
Many things have happened, but I will not bore you with stories and words. I will go directly to the point, showing you the space that has evolved the most in the last few weeks, the patio.
You have to know that our patio was a collection of big things we were not using everyday (like the grill, some boxes and random staff), which did not look very nice. Sadly (or luckily, depending on the point of view) we did not take any picture of how it was before. But I tell you, it is a shame we waited so long.  Every nice and warm day we wished we had some furniture out there to enjoy the good weather, so finally few weeks ago we finally put things in motion.
First of all we thought carefully of the kind of furniture we would enjoy the most on our patio. We knew for sure we did not want a dinner table for example. We spent quite some time thinking that maybe a pair of sun chairs where to relax would be nice, but after trying few models in the shop we were not thrilled at all. They did not feel very comfortable and in the patio the sun shines only in the late afternoon and it did not seem to make much sense to have sun chairs where there is mostly shadow.
We were full with doubts when at the end a sale advertisement of a local furniture shop arrived in our mailing box and finally we found something we could commit with: a super comfortable and handsome outdoor couch that came together with the coffee table. Oh, how much we love drinking our morning coffee and enjoy the silent of our back yard on it. It is one of the best purchases we have ever made!! There is not one single thing I don't like of this couch.
So, from this baby we based the patio plan. First of all we brainstormed on how to "protect" the couch from rain (and snow) and we ended up using 4 white curtains on the right corner and front of the space. They give such a luxurious look. It really feels like being on some kind of expensive resort.
To fill the space between the couch and the back door we used a tall vase with petunias and a lantern with citronella a candle against mosquitoes.
I am sure that things out there will evolve further, but so far I think we accomplished on our goal of creating an enjoyable space for these hot and lazy summer days.

March 4, 2014

Top 10 Coffee tables

Hello blog!

The coffee table hunt has officially started. Yesterday we spent some time trying to figure out what we would like. We are thrilled substantially by 3 different look. Either glassy and modern, rustic/industrial or marmor. So, today I spend the morning looking at an incredible number of sites to establish my top 10 coffee tables and hopefully this will help us finally take the final step.

So, here is a picture of our living room to help picture the different coffee tables in the space:

And here is the mood board.

Let's start:
1. Club Vintage interiors, Harrison coffee table. 895€. Well beyond our budget obviously. The glass and the shiny metal gives the idea of a sophisticated space. Ohh, so dreamy!
2. Asko, Dream coffee table. 499€. This is basically the only one of glass coffee tables available in our country. I am not crazy about the shape to be honest, but far nicer than others I have seen around.
3. BoConcept, Mursia. 829€ (We would go only for 1 of the two). Also this one is too expensive for us at the moment. But I firmly believe that marmor coffee table would look very nice in our living room, and even better if it would be a bit curvy (e.g. oval). The texture would look fab, since at the moment the room is a bit plain.
4. Avignon, 169€. The more I look at it, the more I love it. It would bring a lovely rustic vibe to the room and warm things up. Ohh. Amazing!
5. Boknäs, Vintage military nest of 3 tables. 395€. This trio also would warm the space, but with a more polish look.
6. Ikea, Strind. 129€. I am not totally crazy about this one (maybe because of the off-white color?), but I love the round shape of the legs. It could be nice to break all those straight lines of the room with something curvy.
7. Ikea, Isala. 199€. Among the modern look is the one I am the most confident about. I am sure it would look pretty in our rooom and blend in with other ikea furniture we have.
8. Nimes, 569€. I like this one also because of the curvy lines, but also for the texture, the neutral and soft color and because it reminds of a table at restoration hardware.
9. Lyon. 269€. This would help built the industrial/rustic style that I adore. If we decide to go this way it is possible to DIY something.
10. Leonardo ottoman. 299€ (the square one). I was also thinking that it could be nice to have, instead of a coffee table an ottoman. This was the closest one of what I would like. At the end I don't think it would be very handy.

Just to keep in mind, for the rustic look, I found this site that makes tables (again way too expensive for us), but this is also a nice coffee table that would fit.

So, what do you think? Any advices?

February 25, 2014

TV wall magic!

Hello blog,

I am sorry I did not update the blog earlier, but February has been crazy. And honestly there hasn't been very much going on, except for our boring ordinary life.

But eventually something last Sunday happened. Want to know what?


I know, I know. Nothing super fancy or W. O. W., but we finally painted the TV wall. I have never showed that part of the living room before, mainly because there is not very much going on. Just a TV with its stand.
Do you remember when we painted the living room a deep and warm grey? (here) Back then we decided to leave the TV wall still the very pale grey color, at least for the moment. It looked nice, but Mr. J. really wanted to go darker on that wall as well. So on Sunday he worked his magic and voila. 
What do you think??

At the moment we are also brainstorming on what to put on the top of the TV. Maybe some art. Mt. J. really would like an other black and white painting, as the one on the other side over the sofa (as you can see here), but I am not totally sure. I would prefer two picture frames with a tiny picture and a chunky frame-mat. To have an idea here and here are some example. I would still like vertical pictures instead of square. But let's see what happens. :)

January 26, 2014


Hello blog!

Are you curious to know what was our 2014 really first meal? It was Tiramisù!! It is one of the best dessert I have ever tasted and it is one of our favorites. Luckily I learnt how to make it and today I am here to share my secrets *coff coff*. Well, to tell the truth there are no secrets behind this baby, I guess you just need to make it a couple of times to find "your way".
So, here we go.

2.5 dl espresso
1/2 dl marsala / milk
5 eggs
1 dl sugar
500 gr mascarpone cheese
200 gr Savoiardi ladyfingers
cacao powder

Do the espresso, add the marsala (I use milk in stead of marsala, it works very well for kids) and let it cool down. Divide egg yolks from whites.
Add sugar to the egg yolks and mix until smooth. Add mascarpone cheese and mix. Beat the egg whites until they become a nice and stiff. Add slowly the mascarpone mixture (this should be done by hand and very slowly so that it doesn't become too watery).
Assemble the tiramisù soaking the savoiardi in the espresso and put it in a dish forming the first layer. On top you put the mascarpone mixture layer, followed by an other layer of savoiardi and so on. When you reach the edge of the dish you dust the cacao powder. Let it cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
Enjoy! :)

January 9, 2014

Easy Chicken Sandwich

Hello blog!

Today I want to share with you a way we make our chicken sandwiches. It is hardly a recipe, so I will not write measurements, "as much as you like" technique is the way to go.

Easy chicken sandwich

Chicken in pieces
Fresh salad
Red bell pepper
Light mayonnaise
Whole weat bead

Cook the chichen in a pan and season as you like. Cut in small pieces the red bell pepper. Mix in a bowl the chicken with the red bell pepper, add the light mayo and continue mixing. Place the mixture on a slice of bread, add the salad and top with the other slice of bread. Cut the sandwiches in triangles. 
The reason why I like this recipe is that is so easy and you can add any other ingredient you like (for example cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese), this is the very basic version and you can have endless variants.

Bon Appetite!

January 6, 2014

2014 Project List

Hello blog!

This is the day we share with you 12 projects to accomplish during the next 12 months. Some of the projects will be more demanding, some others will be easier to accomplish.

1. Christmas Card books
2. Recipe Binder
3. Photo Books
4. Create organizing system in the bedroom
5. Create organizing system in the bathrooms
6. Paint the last wall in the livingroom
7. Purchase new coffee table for the livingroom
8. Find solution for the reading corner in the livingroom
9. Decorate properly the shelves in the livingroom
10. Wallpaper / paint the back of the tv stand
11. Find solution for the patio
12. "Landscape" the garden in summer

How does it sound?

January 5, 2014

Hello handsome rug!

Hello blog!

We are finally home!!! Oh, I was literally waiting to type this sentence for the past couple of days. It has been an intense December, we had a lot of fun meeting family and friends, but we are also happy to be back to our home sweet home.

The 2014 did not even start yet that we have a little update for our livingroom (which is also the room where we spend most of our time, watching movies, playing with the Miss and so on). So we went from this look...

...to this one:

Let me tell you the story shortly. One of our final stop-over was at my in-laws' place and just before leaving we though of giving a look at their storage house. They have a lot of things that are not used anymore and now and then we go there to check if there is something that was forgotten there and could fit in our house. They actually have a pretty large collection of old rugs and went to check if we could find a better choice for our livingroom (the Ikea EGEBY rug was way too small for the space and also the color started to bother somehow). We did not have a clear vision of what kind of rug we were looking for, but EGEBY had to go. 
In theory I liked the idea of a neutral rug, you know, to keep the room warm and cozy, sincw all the bigger piece of furniture are grey and white. But in practice things were not working, as our friend EGEBY proved. In my in-laws storage house we went through few rugs and this one caught J's attention, he went for it immediately! Honestly I was a bit doubtfull as a a black and white mat could have pushed our grey/white color palette too far. In my mind I still liked the idea of a neutral color rug and go again for black and white big piece of furniture would have turned our livingroom in a black and white movie. But I trusted him and I am very happy I did!!

The rug is in perfect balance with the other colors (greys in the walls and sofa, whites of the coffee table, tv stand, shelves and harmchair). It is not too dark, neither too light and I absolutely love the texture it has. And even if I am obsessed with strips I did not think I could enjoy them so much on a rug (I am not a big fan of striped rugs). Ohh, I think we could have not purchaised a better rug even if we visited all the shops in town. And the thing that it was 100% free makes me even more excited!

Oh, the 2014 has started definitely in the right direction! :)

2013 resolutions: accomplished!

Hello blog!

Last year I shared with you 5 of our resolutions for the 2013 (you can find the post here) and here I am to tell how it went.

#1- Lots of travels and our honeymoon: This was definitely the "most accomplished" resolution. We had tons of travelling this years, including our honeymoon. In numbers we count 10 trips in two, in 6 different countries. 3 continents. I think this is our record that will be hard to break in the future.

#2- Post more often: Honesty I was very optimistic at the beginning of the year and I planned of posting once a week. I could not keep up with my plan, but since I started HelloDoorSevenLife I ended up with many more posts I even thought. At a total number of 76 I feel myself very satisfited (40 for the HD7 and 36 for HD7life), expecially because this place became not only a way to share home improvements and recipes, but is also a way to keep track of our adventures as a family.

#3- Comment on other blogs more: This is probably the one resolution I did not manage to totally accoomplish. During the years I was active in commenting others' blogs, but I did not so it consistently because I was literally overwhelmed with duties (e.g. work and studies). At the end I am ok with how it went because this place is for total fun and it would not be right if I would start to consider it as a work and have stress from it. I am happy I continued reading all the blogs I like and kept updated about amazing people out there I don't have the honor to know in person. So... you, remember that even if I am quite, I keep watching you (this came out in a quiet creepy way).

#4- More time outside: Also this one is a "check" in the list (as a prove there is this post). Despite the many travels we tried to spend outside as much time as possible, expecially during summer. We really hope we can second those long walks and hikes in 2014.

#5- Be brave when it comes to home decor: The 2013 took probably the most brave decision we have ever made in interior design, painting the walls in a dark dark color, and we could have not been happier with the result (more on it here). We moved some step forward for our livingroom and even if things are not proceeding fast, we keep going with the work. Rome was not build in one day, right?

This is for how our 2013 resolutions went.
For 2014 I was thinking of having kinda more personal/not-related-to-home-improvement resolutions over at HD7Life and have a list of projects for the home to do during the year. This way things will be more concrete and hoperfully easier to accomplish.

Stay tuned!

December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013!

Hello blog!

Happy holidays!!!! I know that technically I am late for Christmas, but I really hope you all the best. I also hope you are spending this time of the year with your loved ones in the best possible way and whish you all the best.

I cannot believe that the last post I wrote is dated November 17th. I was pretty busy with a lot of things going on (check HelloDoorSevenLife if you want to know more) and time flew. At the moment we are abroad once again spending the holidays with one part of the famil and from this location we really hope a warm and loving Christmas time to you all and your family. We wish that in 2014 you will realize many of your dreams. Happy Holidays!!

November 17, 2013

Welcome home paiting!

Hello blog,

It arrived!!! Who? Him!!

All the way from Danmark! It was so exciting to see the big empty space filled with a lovely picture. At the end we went for a black and white shot of rain (in the picture is seems it has creamy undertones because of the light). I loev the bokeh effect and the water drops. It really fit in our room.

Having the picture on the wall, it made clear most of the thigns from the shelves had to go. There was way too many colors going on and so much incontinency. And the beach unfinished paiting that sat on the bottom self really started to annoy me (for example in these pictures). So this morning, as I woke up... I decided it was time for a face lift. So I took this "goodbye" shot and started the work.

I went for an abstract beige/cream tones and tiny hints of grey. I can say now it works so much better, the painting is much calmer and gives the room a warm vibe, plus it doesn't scream for attention as the blue sky/sea. Other than the paiting, I decided to move other things around as well. I took the Miss portrait down (now it is waiting in our office to be relocated) and the other things that were not working. And soon I ended up with this result:

I think now the shelves are a bit overloaded with beige tones (that are not balanced in the rest of the room) and this is not the definitive version (I believe things will rotate and there won't be a permanent look anyway), but it is much better than what I started with.
The plans now are to keep few of the beige elements and add glass, white and silver details. 

So, what do you think?